20 Elegant Dining Tables and Chairs

The dining area is a special place among all the rooms in a home as it is here that one comes to savor deliciously prepared meals with family and friends. One might prepare sumptuous buffets and gourmet cuisines, but if the dining space isn’t decorated at par with the food served, the whole experience of enjoying a meal will be ruined. Hence, it is mandatory to deck up this space with elegant dining tables and chairs that add a sparkle to your dining experience. Come take a look at the top 20 dining tables and chairs that are elegant and comfortable.

1. Elegant Antoinette dining table and chairs

The picture below shows a sophisticated looking dining set known as ‘Antoinette’ that is made of thick wooden table with golden accents that have been brushed all over it to give it a unique glow. With a pedestal that is carved and a table top that has a sloping touch, the dining area looks gorgeous. The chairs too are made of the same material and have beige upholstery to match the decor.

Elegant Antoinette dining table and chairs

Image credit: beinteriordecorator

2. Elegant round table and white chairs

What can be more pleasing than to feast on sumptuous food, sitting at such a gorgeously decorated dining place? The look of this area gets accentuated with elegant looking dining set comprising of a wooden roundel table that is compact and suits the decor. It is supported by an ornately carved single pedestal that lends it a regal look. The chairs look comfy and are designed with white upholstery. The wooden legs of the chairs match well with the wooden table.

Elegant round table and white chairs

Image credit: houzz

3. Elegant ornately carved dining table with chairs

Make your dining a classy affair by installing this awesome looking dining table that has been designed with two toned wood and it fits perfectly in a huge dining area. The rectangular table is supported by double pedestals that are ornamental in look and appear very stylish. The upholstery of the chairs matches the table and the back of these chairs resemble shields used by warriors. The upholstery is made of golden fabric and accentuates the look of the decor.

Elegant ornately carved dining table with chairs

Image credit: beinteriordecorator

4. Elegant rectangular table with white chairs

The dining area shown below looks stylish and sophisticated because it has such a classy looking table and chairs arranged to match the settings. The large table is rectangular, supported by a square wooden pedestal block that offers a trendy look to the space. Matching with it are white upholstered chairs with dark wooden borders that double up the ‘stylo meter’.

Elegant rectangular table with white chairs

Image credit: homedit

5. Elegant dining table with violet chairs

Nothing can be more enticing than to feast on delicious food siting on these lovely ornamental violet chairs that look great with the dark wooden oval table. The table is elegantly styled with double pedestals that are ornately carved with silver finishing. These match well with the silver borders intricately carved on the chairs. The table top is glossy and looks quite a stunner with a dark wooden base giving good support to the four pedestals. The border lining the table is also designed in silver and this accentuates its charm.

Elegant dining table with violet chairs

Image credit: bjoku

6. Luxurious and elegant small round table with royal chairs

With gold embellished borders lining the round table and the golden royal carved designs on top of the chairs, the dining experience offered by this elegant set takes you to another level. The small table looks grand and quite durable as it is supported by strong wooden pedestals that are carved beautifully. The chairs too are elegant and have golden borders that match the grandness of the decor. The legs of these chairs are sleek.

Luxurious and elegant small round table with royal chairs

Image credit: donghae

7. Elegant brown table and royal chairs

The picture shows a classic looking dining set comprising of a squarish wooden table and six wooden chairs that resemble the thrown of the kings. The design is pretty simple but is very elegant, right from the light wooden textures used that add a soft touch to the dining area, to the royalty inspired tops of the chairs. The pedestals supporting the table are ornately carved and look very charming. The white upholstery on the chairs compliments the wooden theme of the room.

Elegant brown table and royal chairs

Image credit: home-design-information

8. Elegant vintage dining table and chairs

The glass top of the elegant dining table suits the vintage aura present in the room and offers a fabulous time to all those who have meals here. The vintage dining table is round with a thick, yet ornately carved single pedestal that looks majestic and compliments the wooden chairs, also designed with the same textured wooden finish. The beige upholstery used on the chairs matches with the dark wooden finish and looks quite appealing.

Elegant vintage dining table and chairs

Image credit: blogspot

9. Elegant dining table with leather upholstered chairs

The dining area seen here comprises of a dark glossy wooden table that is round in shape and gets complimented by the six beautifully carved chairs that look sophisticated. The head rests or tops of the chairs are oval and upholstered with leather in the middle. The look of the dark leather against the wooden embellishments look great and suit the grand settings of the dining space. The pedestal fitted under the table is also intricately carved and offers a good support.

Elegant dining table with leather upholstered chairs

Image credit: thediningroomsf

10. Elegant wrought iron and wooden dining table and chairs

The dining table seen below looks charming and quiet stylish as it is made of part wood and part wrought iron. Matching with the round table are chairs that too are built of wrought iron and wood. The design of the chairs is sleek and fits in perfectly within a small dining area. The single pedestal is designed with carved iron stands that are further supported by round wooden legs.

Elegant wrought iron and wooden dining table and chairs

Image credit: almrsal

11. Elegant small dining table with chairs

The elegant wooden dining table looks grand in every possible way and it compliments the beauty of the chairs that are Victorian in style. The shape of the table top is round and compact, supported by a thick carved wooden pedestal. The four seater dining area looks quite charming and cozy with soft beige upholstery adding to the glamor.

Elegant small dining table with chairs

Image credit: topdreamer

12. Elegant glass and wooden dining table with cream chairs

The honey textured light wooden table is round with elegantly styled cylindrical pedestal supporting it. The chunky pedestal looks quite trendy with golden border at the end. The middle portion of the round table is fitted with glass that blends nicely with the wooden embellished finish. To compliment the look, there are matching chairs in cream upholstery and wooden spindly legs.

Elegant glass and wooden dining table with cream chairs

Image credit: topdreamer

13. Elegant white and yellow dining table and chairs

The dining area looks bright with these yellow colored chairs anchored along side the other four wooden seaters that accompany the white and yellow colored rectangular dining table. While the top of the table is designed with white wood, the carved pedestals are done up in bright yellow making the whole room come alive.

Elegant white and yellow dining table and chairs

Image credit: openedpackage

14. Luxurious wooden round dining table and chairs

The beauty of the dining area gets accentuated because of the fine wooden finished roundel table and matching chairs. From the top rail of the chairs to the legs, everything is designed in fine wood that lends a classy look to the whole dining space. Complimenting the dark wooden texture is the white upholstery plastered on the seats of all the chairs. The round and small dining table too looks elegant with a single wooden pedestal for strong support.

Luxurious wooden round dining table and chairs

Image credit: 2-quick

15. Fancy small dining table with elegant chairs

For a small family of three or four, the dining set shown below suits fine as it is not just compact but is also a very chic looking elegant piece where you can dine with your family peacefully. The square dining table is made of light wood and so are the chairs that add exuberance to the charm of the room with their flowery patterned upholstery that lends a bright touch. The legs of the chairs are made of sleek wood and are perfect for a small area.

Fancy small dining table with elegant chairs

Image credit: dreamehome

16. Astonishing oval dining table with elegant wooden chairs

The dining set shown in the image below looks a real elegant piece of beauty that would serve two purposes. Firstly, it would offer you comfy seating as the chairs are quite sturdy with cream upholstery and comfortable back rest. The unique thing about the dining set is the height of the table and the chairs that lends it an elegant look. Secondly, the oval shaped table comes equipped with a small cupboard and shelf located under it, inside the pedestal where you can store your crockery.

Astonishing oval dining table with elegant wooden chairs

Image credit: orlili

17. Elegant rustic dining table and chairs

There is elegance in rustic designs too and this can be proved right when you have a glimpse of the lovely rustic dining set shown below. The rectangular table is made of varnished wood with carved borders that look rustic with top portions of it designed with glass through which one can see the rough wooden pedestal. Matching well with the dining table are rust colored leather chairs that have wooden legs for support. The chunky table is supported by a thick crude looking unvarnished wooden pedestal that makes it look like it is anchored in a farmhouse.

Elegant rustic dining table and chairs

Image credit: homeposh

18. Elegant solid wood dining table and chairs

The picture below shows how classy a dining set in complete solid wood can look. Yes, the dining area has elegance written all over it as it is decorated with a dining table that is made of pure wood and no other material. It is a small table with arched or semi carved sleek legs. There is no other pedestal for support. Along with it are four wooden chairs that compliment each other.

Elegant solid wood dining table and chairs

Image credit: giesendesign

19. Elegant light wooden dining table and chairs

The oval wooden table looks a real stunner with light wooden finish that matches the decor of the dining space. It is supported by a thick pedestal that comes equipped with a shelf for storing crockery and a book shelve too. The multipurpose dining table is comfy to be used for dining as the space on top of it is ample. The chairs too are made of wood, right from the head rest, spindle, lower rail to the legs.

Elegant light wooden dining table and chairs

Image credit: decosee

20. Elegant glass base dining table with upholstered chairs

Glass base in any furniture looks great and classy such as the dining table that we can see below. The top is made of durable glass and is supported by a thick wooden ornate pedestal that looks shapely and is made of dark wood. The base of the pedestal is thick offering a good support to the table. Anchored alongside are six wooden chairs with cream upholstery made of fabric. The legs of the chairs are sleek yet durable to lend a good support and comfy sitting.

Elegant glass base dining table with upholstered chair

Image credit: dotawci

Dining rooms are special places since every family spends almost half their time having meals and interacting with each other. As such, these spaces have to be modified and styled gorgeously for you to feel welcome and invited. The above 20 dining tables and chairs listed are not just good in appearance but are also quite fashionable and sturdy. Some of the furniture is designed in pure wood, while there are others that are a prefect combination of wood, glass and fabric. Nevertheless, all these sets are unique in their own right. Have a great time choosing!

15 DIY Ideas for Baby Nursery Room

The addition of a new member in the family is a cause of merry-making and celebration. You would naturally want to give the best to your child and the first step in this process is to present him/her with an adorable nursery. Hiring a designer to do up yours baby’s nursery room can take a toll on your expenses. But don’t you worry, there are still ways by which you can do up a nursery in a beautiful manner. One of these ways is to go the DIY route where not only do you put your creativity to use but also don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Below are some DIY ideas for your baby’s nursery room which are extremely creative in nature.

1. Use Paint

Babies like looking at color. A great idea is to paint the ceiling of your baby’s nursery in soft colors like pink, green and blue that is going to make your child happy. To make the room even brighter, paint the furniture in the room in bold colors. Redo the walls as well by painting the walls in over-sized stripes of colors. This will make the room look more colorful.

paint walls

Image Credit: hgtv

2. DIY armchair

When you need to feed your baby every few hours, an armchair really comes handy. For that you do not have to buy a new chair for your baby’s nursery. You can take any old armchair and convert it into a comfortable unit. Just paint it in a bright color and fit it with comfy cushions and you are all set. For the fabric choose one with animal prints or big polka dots to go with the theme of the room.

DIY armchair

Image Credit: thediymommy

3. DIY ottoman

The best accessory for an armchair is a comfortable ottoman where you can put up your legs and feed your baby and possibly take a nap or two. The simplest way by which you can make an ottoman at home is by stacking a few blocks of foam together and cover them with quilt batting. Use a few pins to keep it secured together. Now cover it with the chosen fabric and your ottoman is ready.

diy ottoman

Image Credit: domesticadventure

4. Wall clocks

It’s a good idea to get babies acquainted with numbers and alphabets at an early age. Towards that end you can make your own wall clock at home. Stick patterned paper to large wooden letters and then fix them on the wall with the help of glue.

diy clock

Image Credit: moms.popsugar

5. Paper Bunting

Paper buntings add a nice element of color to the room making the room look festive. Making paper buntings at home is also quite simple. Take a couple of printed papers and cut triangles out of them. Now with the help of some glue attach these triangles to ribbons or better still pom-pom frills. Your lovely paper buntings are ready to be hanged.

Paper Bunting

Image Credit: projectnursery

6. Changing tables

Changing tables for babies are quite expensive and babies outgrow their use in a couple of months. A way out is to make a changing table at home right from scratch and save some serious money. Another option is to take an existing chest of drawers and refurbish it so that it turns into a comfortable changing station. Add some wicker baskets for storing essentials and you are all set.

changing table

Image Credit: ana-white

7. Baby blanket

Baby blankets are sometimes quite expensive. To save a few bucks you can attempt one at home. This involves basic sewing skills so anyone can attempt it. You would need a minimum of two yards of fabric and one yard of baiting. Place the baiting inside the fabric and sew up the edges. After you are done, iron the blanket to set the stitches and your cute little baby blanket is ready.

easy baby blanket

Image Credit: glueandglitter

8. Crib skirt

A crib skirt is an essential piece of item primarily for two reasons – firstly it looks good and adds elegance to the crib and secondly if you have space shortage, you can easily shove some items under the crib without the area looking unsightly. For this you do not have to buy a ready-made crib skirt. With the help of a measuring tape measure out some fabric, now cut it according to the desired shape, add Velcro and there you have your home-made crib skirt.

crib skirt

Image Credit: younghouselove

9. Growth chart

A growth chart will help you keep a regular check on your baby’s growth making it a useful addition to a baby’s room. Take an oversized piece of wood and polish it to give the look you desire. Now choose a stencil that fits the width of the wood, fix it on the piece of wood and attach them to the wall. Viola you have your growth chart ready.

growth chart ruler

Image Credit: handmadecharlotte

10. Teething guard

Once a baby starts teething, he/she begins to chew on anything and everything that comes their way. When you place them in a crib chances are that you would find them chewing on the crib rails. Placing a teething guard will prevent unwanted substances from entering their mouth. Cut up a fleece blanket according to the width of the crib rails and tie it up firmly. This is an extremely easy way of making your own crib rail protector at home.

Teething guard

Image Credit: kenarry

11. Frames

You can add frames to the walls of the nursery for a more fun look. This easy DIY project involves the use of some empty frames and a couple of prints of your choice. In the matter of prints you do not have to buy store-bought prints which are expensive. Go with the flow of your imagination and think of innovative ways by which you can fill empty frames. For instance you can immortalize your favorite story book characters by framing them and displaying them on the wall.

story book frames

Image Credit: simplyrealmoms

12. Fabric wall art

This is an extremely innovative and beautiful piece of idea where with the use of just embroidery hoops and fabric you create wonderful pieces of wall art that add additional doses of color and tones to your baby’s nursery room. Choose multiple pieces of fabric in different colors or patterns and place them in the embroidery hoop. Pull it tightly and add glue on the reverse side of the hoop. Your wall art is now ready to go on the wall.

fabric wall art

Image Credit: blogspot

13. Hanging mobile

Hanging mobiles are another fun addition to a child’s nursery. This can be easily made at home using a simple embroidery ring, some jewelry threads and different colored cardstocks. Using a card punch make different sized circles. Now attach these circles by means of thread to the embroidery ring. Now fix it from the ceiling or hang it from your child’s crib.

Hanging mobile

Image Credit: blogspot

14. Poms

Those of you who like pompoms will surely like this DIY idea of making your own pompoms for your baby’s nursery. You can make poms either in fabric or in colored paper. For this you will require a few Chinese lanterns, fabric, glue and scissors. Cut the fabric in circles. Next fold it and stick it to the Chinese lantern. Continue with the process till the entire lantern is covered. Attach a string to the lantern and hang it on the walls.


Image Credit: babble

15. Wall alphabets

This is a very simple and budget friendly project which you can undertake at home. All you need is some patterned paper, stencil of the alphabets (which you can make yourself), glue and scissors. After cutting out the stencil, wrap it in patterned paper and fix it with glue. Wait for it to dry and it is all ready to go on the wall.

alphabet art

Image Credit: ninemonthsbaking

With these fun and creative DIY nursery ideas, you can transform your baby’s nursery into a fun and vibrant place at a fraction of the cost of what you would have paid a designer.