Check Out These Examples of Beautiful and Glamorous Bedrooms

Just like everyone wants to be comfortable in their own skin, we all want to be comfortable in our own homes.

And one o the most private, and peaceful rooms in any home is the bedroom. It’s where we go to unwind, to relax, and to forget about the world (literally) for hours each day.

To create your sanctuary, you don’t need millions of dollars or even a professional designer.

You just need to figure out what it is that will make you happy and relaxed.

Things to keep out of the bedroom

Try to eliminate any distractions that will take away from your goal of total relaxation. Whether it’s TV, radio, or a computer – move it out of the bedroom.

Studies have shown that watching electronic screens – TVs, tablets, smart phones, etc. – keep you awake for hours afterwards. You’ll only become irritable and cranky laying awake in bed.

To avoid this, try not to us any electronic device for an hour or so before you plan to get to sleep.

You don’t need to have a fancy gadget-ized bedroom to be happy.

For example, don’t do this:

dont put a tv in your bedroom

Photo Credit: Benoit Dupont

Things to do in designing your bedroom

While it’s a great idea to keep electronics out of your bedroom, you also want to make sure that the look and feel of your bedroom space reflects your personality.

This is a good example of a very personal sleeping space:

wicker furniture bedroom

Photo Credit: Wickerfurniture

Notice how the design is distinctive and unique? It may not make your or me happy, but it makes the person who will be sleeping their happy! In fact, designing your bedroom can be even more fun than designing the rest of your living areas, because it’s YOUR space!

Bedrooms in Japan

Not all countries have a culture of a personalized sleeping area. In Japan for instance, spouses usually sleep in separate twin beds, and the only thing in the bedrooms are usually the beds, dressers, and maybe a small table. The bedrooms in Japan are designed for sleeping only, and not multi-functional spaces like in America.

bedroom in japan

Photo Credit: conbon33

Here are some designs to get you thinking

Check out these ideas for your own bedroom design idea. Don’t be afraid to really personalize your space. Make it your own personal sanctuary.

modern bedroom design

Photo Credit: uzair21

sloped ceiling in bedroom

Photo Credit: uzair21

bamboo in bedroom

Photo Credit: fast_ck

orange and airy bedroom

Photo Credit: mydecorative

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