Scandinavian Bedroom Ideas A Fresh White Look

The bed as a private room that we use for various things, it should be laid out neatly and beautifully. Of the thousands of room design form a unique and interesting, of course, we would definitely choose to suit our comfort and joy. From some room decor design, Scandinavian Bedroom could be one great idea. Among some pliers like bright colors for her room, bedroom decor could use this, because in Scandinavian models, we will need lots of white goods and furniture. Judging from its shape, this model includes the minimalist type look warm, comfortable, and clean.

White-Scandinavian-Bedroom-2013Some of the furniture in the room in this model does not require a lot of complexity, because the room also features suggest simple but fresh and neat. We may give slightly colored ornament with some small paintings full of color, but for a lot of basic colors used, the bedroom is designed with neutral colors like white. Why should the color using the white color? Because this color is a color that is very flexible, in addition to white means clean, neutral color is also combined with many colors. On the other hand we will also easily find the bedroom furniture and accessories such as covers or bed with white sheets.

Especially for the Scandinavian bedroom, we can not use just any white fabric to bring the atmosphere of Scandinavia, at least we have to use a cloth made of cotton, linen or wool for use in multiple sheets or pillowcases. By using the cloth we will feel comfortable and the price is quite affordable. Another advantage is that we will also get warm in use. Of course, we really need this warmth when winter has come. Actually, we can also use a neutral bright colors other than white for the theme of the bedroom, but most of the Scandinavian theme is designed with white. But it is only as a reference for us.

Scandinavian-bedroom-with-modern-decorationFor some of the furniture in the room you could put a white wardrobe with a motif of clean wood carving is also white, and we can also put a dressing table and a glass of the same color to the lighting we can have a hanging lamp with a minimalist shape with color white. Our bed, we can design the material of brown wood. To further create a theme, we can add some other colors such as gray contrast on the bed cover. In addition we can also add wood accents in the room or feathered accents to create the impression of a warm and cozy in our bedroom.

Beautiful-Scandinavian-bedroom-designClean and shiny Scandinavian Bedroom.


elegant-scandinavian-bedroomLuxury Scandinavian Bedroom

Scandinavian-bed-decorating  Swedish apartment with Scandinavian Bedroom

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