Cellular Shades Fancy Substitute Of Old Traditional Blinds

accordia closeup Cellular shadesCellular shades are fancy substitute of the old traditional vertical blinds. It offers a calming warm window treatment regarding sun and also manages to capture the beautiful rays of the sun. The cellular shades are available in all colors, textures, pleat sizes and variability of fabrics. They be lowered or raised up with the help of a button according to the needs of the room.

The state-of-the-art honeycomb structure of the cellular shades traps the air within the pockets and is popular for its energy efficiency. These are carefully designed: the trapped air in the pockets works up a layer of insulation making your room cool in summer while giving a warm effect in winter. It is more cost effective then the installment of energy efficient windows. One can also apply a bubble wrap on the windows even though it will lower the energy costs but it can easily be covered by the cellular shades.CELLULAR SHADESBy using cellular shades, one can easily insulate the heat and sunlight. Not only that, a beautiful blend is given to a room. The variety is so wide that it can match any decor or motifs. It is a brilliant way to get rid of those curtains. It can easily be cleaned as well. cellular continuous shedes

Cellular shades honey comb room scene Cellular shades are best if you are living in high temperature and high sun shine countries. As these curtain can protect more the room and give a cool effect. So the traditional blinds are more popular in south Asian countries where temperature usually high, but Cellular shades are a good substitute of it as its look more modern.cellular shadesUsually Cellular shades are fold upwards or downwards, its means if you need to open window for refresh air in you room you can fold it, not other curtains to take them on side.

cellular shades living room

duette cellular shadesNow days some modern concept of Cellular shades which look more beautiful and create modern and minimalist effect in the room. These types of blinds are more commonly used in offices.

Resizer Cellular shades

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