Deck A Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Deck  Deck usually locate in the front of the house, looks like a slightly raise the floor from ground or the park designed without a roof, it is mostly made of wood. The function of it’s almost identical to the terrace. In addition to its wooden deck looks beautifully and add value to the house also looks very natural and save.

Other uses of the deck is a multifunctional space, because we can use for a variety of things such as sunbathing, doing yoga, a little party outdoor, outdoor cooking space or a place to relax with family, friends or alone. If we intend to make a deck in the back or front of the house, we have to think of the right material, do some research to select materials. Consider neatness and safety of it, that will be created.

Deck  Choose Composite wood is not flammable because if ordinary wood will prone with fire. And according to the type of wood there are some wood that invites insects and there is a good wood to be used as furniture, choose a good material for the manufacture of deck. After that, we can make the deck form design, in accordance with what we want and according to the size of our house.

When we have found a suitable material and design, further specify the exact location, try to find a flat place, so that the pillars anchoring can stand in line and more secure. Consider also the direction of the sun, because it is made without the roof it would be very good to use if direct sunlight highlighted, because we want like a shady spot.

Deck design

The deck can be shaped variety, not always square or the same with the shape of our house. We can make it separate from the main house or incorporated with various shapes. Most decks are also built on the back of the house, so as not to disturb the neighbors, and we can maintain our privacy. A lower deck will also be a nice built in front of the swimming pool, it would be practical because we do not have to clean the floors were wet because the wood can absorb water.


beautiful Deck


A deck can we give a little furniture outdoor, such as outdoor bed to hangout with friends. Or we can also add the white stones around deck for make interesting sights. Measure the height of the deck that we want to consider the water channel or when the rain came. With so many people who are on it will be very dangerous if the timber barrier broken, or damaged wood footing. Because the deck is usually a suitable place to enjoy a sunset or a hangout with friends and family, especially children, then we should really make a solid deck.

Deck design (4)


Deck design (6)

great attraction

Deck design (8)


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